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Full Cigars with Best-Selling Author of Beach Money, Jordan Adler

I recently sat down with Mr. Jordan Adler at Cigar Factory in New Orleans and, this time, I brought microphones and we turned on the camera.  Jordan shares his thoughts on: …and much more!  When your mentor says nice things about the work you’re doing…  (He’s learning from ME!?!) Golly.  If you don’t know who […]

Promptings Seminar – Next Seminar is Saturday, May 4, 2024

HERE ARE SOME BENEFITS OF ATTENDING THIS 4 HOUR EVENT: *Personal development and gaining greater clarity on your goals and purpose *Networking with like-minded individuals and potentially forging new business opportunities *Identifying new ways to grow your business and increase revenue *Finding motivation and inspiration to take action towards your goals and dreams The Promptings […]