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Artificial Intelligence’s Answer On Why I Should Express Gratitude Daily

This is ridiculous, y’all! Okay A.I.’s been “all the rage” for a while, I know. I’ve yet to mess with it. Until literally just a few minutes ago. I just entered my first “prompt” into an A.I. bot a minute ago. I asked it a question. I typed in: “Why should I express gratitude daily?” […]

Full Cigars with Best-Selling Author of Beach Money, Jordan Adler

I recently sat down with Mr. Jordan Adler at Cigar Factory in New Orleans and, this time, I brought microphones and we turned on the camera.  Jordan shares his thoughts on: …and much more!  When your mentor says nice things about the work you’re doing…  (He’s learning from ME!?!) Golly.  If you don’t know who […]

Promptings Seminar – Next Seminar is Saturday, May 4, 2024

HERE ARE SOME BENEFITS OF ATTENDING THIS 4 HOUR EVENT: *Personal development and gaining greater clarity on your goals and purpose *Networking with like-minded individuals and potentially forging new business opportunities *Identifying new ways to grow your business and increase revenue *Finding motivation and inspiration to take action towards your goals and dreams The Promptings […]

Beach Money Nation

I’m proud to be a member of Beach Money Nation with my friend and mentor, Jordan Adler I’d love for you to check out my intro page on the Beach Money Nation website here. Get the first two chapters of Jordan’s best-selling book, Beach Money. Scroll to bottom of the page for the free offer.  Check out […]