Beach Money Nation

I’m proud to be a member of Beach Money Nation with my friend and mentor, Jordan Adler

I’d love for you to check out my intro page on the Beach Money Nation website here. Get the first two chapters of Jordan’s best-selling book, Beach Money. Scroll to bottom of the page for the free offer.

 Check out the Front Page that introduces Jordan here. Jordan Adler wrote the best-selling book, Beach Money. He’s the #1 income earner in our company and wrote about his journey to living his dream life in his book. Beach Money tells the story behind the glory. I’m a HUGE fan and advocate for the book. Have been since I first read it, years before I was in business with the author. If you read it, you will be inspired.

Download the first two chapters – FREE at

Announcing (VLOG)

Part personal journal. Part business announcement.

What does Mr. Beach Money do? He’s a $14/month Affiliate with Promptings.

As am I.

Learn more about what we do at

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