About My Trip to Utah & the Promptings Debut Event

Links Mentioned In This Episode In Order of Appearance Recorded Live January 26, 2023 Mr. Beach Money, Jordan Adler presents: ​​​​The Real Key to Unlocking Your Income Potential in 3 Steps ************ Recorded Live January 23, 2023 Mr. Beach Money, Jordan Adler presents: ​​​​How to Get Money Flowing in to your Bank Account ************ Unlimited […]

Announcing ILikeBeachMoneyToo.com

Part personal journal. Part Business Announcement Links Mentioned In This Episode In Order of Appearance 2 Free Chapters of the besting selling book Beach Money by Jordan Adler at ILikeBeachMoneyToo.com Learn More about Promptings and the Promptings Affiliate Opportunity at PromptingsOpportunity.com  Want to know how I really feel about what I’m selling? Click here for an episode I titled […]

Last Minute Msg.

Taxes and Extra Money The 1st point: Last minute expense:  Click here for the CARD PACKAGE COMPARISON OVERVIEW PDF that I held up in this video.  We also have monthly subscription options, click here for a PDF with information on those.  Click here for the Live pricing page on SendOutCards.com (current pricing information) We’re not […]

The Promptings Process – eBook – Let’s Read Chpt 3 Together

Let’s Read Chpt 3 Together (VLOG) Links Mentioned In This Episode: Click here to visit “DailyGratitudeChallenge.com” which, again, is just another page on this MattWells.biz website.  Click here for the page about the Customer Referral Program. I call this one my “Moo Point” page. How You Doin’?

Promptings Customer Referral Program

Our Customers can earn free products by referring friends to any of the Promptings products/services. At Promptings, we have some truly amazing products and services. If you’re a Customer of ours, I assume you agree. If you didn’t agree, you probably wouldn’t be a Customer of ours and this message would be like a cow’s opinion, a Moo Point, as my Friend Joey […]