Episode 1 Pregame & Outtakes

Behind the scenes, making of Episode 1

Howdy Friends, 

Well the first video going on my new blog here at MattWells.biz is not the one I’d originally intended but I’m still working on editing/creating my official Episode 1 video, which WILL be posted this week. In the meantime, I’m going to share a behind the scenes video here for now. A few reasons I’m posting this silly outtakes/bloopers video:

1. I’ve got it. It’s certainly not what it could’ve been but I have it – so, I’m using it. I think it will “show growth” as time goes on and I get better at this stuff, which is a major part of this whole endeavor – to show the process as I step out of my comfort zone and grow. What’s that line about not looking good and getting better at the same time? I’m not nearly as concerned with looking good as I am with getting better. We all have to start where we’re at, and this awkward/can’t say a dang sentence to a camera stage is where I’m at – so, this is where I’m starting. Officially by putting it on my new site. 

2. It’s Monday morning and I planned to have my actual Episode 1 (working title is The Future Is Now) ready for this morning but boy did I underestimate my learning curve for creating and editing video. I started putting together this behind the scenes video as something to work on as I learn how to push the buttons in my new video editing program, Final Cut Pro. 

3. If one of the major benefits of doing internet videos is to “Build Your Tribe” and get more folks to know you, like you, and trust you… Well this silly outtakes video will at least allow you a chance to get to know me. I’m a silly one. 

Anyway, please check out the outtakes video below for now and do subscribe to my “Getting Better” email list here on the site.

I sincerely appreciate you stopping by!


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