Promptings Customer Referral Program

Our Customers can earn free products by referring friends to any of the Promptings products/services.

At Promptings, we have some truly amazing products and services. If you’re a Customer of ours, I assume you agree. If you didn’t agree, you probably wouldn’t be a Customer of ours and this message would be like a cow’s opinion, a Moo Point, as my Friend Joey says. πŸ˜œ 

Annnnnyyyyywayyyy, if you are a Customer of ours and you help us spread the word about our amazing Promptings products and services, you could earn store credits on-going FOR LIFE.

Yes, FREE PRODUCTS FOR LIFE is possible. *

There’s more information on this page with my contact info at the bottom; let’s talk.

Promptings Customer Referral Program is different than the Affiliate Program
In either, you will be compensated for helping us spread the word and referring our Promptings products and services.
Affiliates are compensated with Federal Reserve Notes, regular ole everyday U. S. currency.

Customers are compensated with store credits, which can be used across any of the Promptings brands, like SendOutCards, for example.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

About my video commentary below – It’s outdated. When I recorded it, we were known as Greener Still & this program worked on a points system.

That PDF above has the updated details on our Promptings Customer Referral Program. I may record a better and updated version later, but the primary message and points I made in this one are still relevant to the overall conversation regarding our Customers earning free products for helping us spread the word.

Greener Still is now Promptings. Learn More, visit

Examples of the many websites that both Customers and Affiliates have are listed below; simply change my ID# to yours in the URL that you put into the address bar.

Here are two sales pages for the SendOutCards Unlimited subscriptions: 

1. This one leads with Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards then “value stacks” with Unlimited Photo Postcards.

The official URL Promptings provides is

 I call mine

2. This one leads with Unlimited Photo Postcards then “value stacks” with Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting Cards. 

The official URL Promptings provides is

 I call mine

Helping us spread the word directly benefits 3 humans: free products for you, an amazing new product/service for the friend you’ve referred, and more organizational business for your Promptings Affiliate friend (or your friend of a friend if you were introduced by a Customer).

Everybody’s winning and enjoying a life of Connection (with Self & Others) along the way. β€‹β€‹β€‹And, that’s to say nothing of the “butterfly effect” that the natural use of our Promptings products/services has. The actual effect we’re having will never fully be known. And THAT is exciting. 

* Terms and conditions subject to change blah blah blah see website for official rules.

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